Peter Frankin Joins the Naples Art Association Staff

Peter Franklin, Accounting and Finance Coordinator

Peter Franklin, Accounting and Finance Coordinator

Peter Franklin has joined the Naples Art Association as Accounting and Finance Coordinator.

He brings to the team nearly two decades of business leadership in Naples, including three years of accounting, finance and bookkeeping experience. Peter is an accounting major at Hodges University, on schedule to graduate in 2013. He began as a finance intern at the Naples Art Association in March. In his new role, Peter will direct and maintain all financial activities of the Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center.

Peter was born and raised in Naples. He worked with Domino’s Pizza for 14 years, where he was a store manager, setting franchise records. He became a student at Hodges University when the economy took a bad turn and started looking for a new career. He started at Sunshine Pharmacy and Medical Supply.While helping them with the accounting, he ended up taking over all the books for the Medical Supply department. “I realized I liked accounting, and I decided to change my major and essentially my career path,” Peter said.

He’s excited about the opportunity to work for the Naples Art Association. “As an intern you can see more of the outside looking in on how each employee and volunteer here has a passion about their position, and that is not very common anymore in the work place,” said Peter.

When he’s not working or studying, he is relaxing with his wife and two stepchildren.

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