Naples Art Association presents free workshops for artists in February

Anne Dalton kicked off her series of workshops for artists on legal challenges of creative business.

Anne Dalton kicked off her series of workshops for artists on the legal challenges facing creative professionals.

Two more talented art professionals remain to share their wisdom with artists as part of the free Tuesday night workshop series during ART Connects.

Bringing light to the legal issues creative professionals face, Anne Dalton, Esquire, tackles the big questions. What rights do I have over my artwork images? What is considered “fair use” for my creative work? She gives insights on these concerns and more in her workshops, running Tuesday nights through Feb. 19.

Dalton shares her decades of experience and her expertise from her law and mediation practice, emphasizing the creative arts and entertainment law. She represents visual artists, photographers, sculptors, gallery owners and more.

Her distinguished career has included many years with ABC (the American Broadcasting Company), Radio City Music Hall, and the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in New York City, where she provided pro bono legal services in contracts and licensing matters to dancers, writers, and musicians. Currently, she’s licensed to practice law in Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.

If you go:
Legal topics for Artists
Anne Dalton, Esq.
Tuesday nights, through Feb. 19, 2013, 5:30 p.m.
The von Liebig Art Center

February 5: Fair Use & Copyright for Visual Artists. As an artist, what do you really own? What is “fair use”? What can you use from the Internet or magazines? Learn about these fascinating subjects and more through real-life examples of other artists!

February 12: Business of Art: Negotiating Contracts, Collaboration, Galleries. Are you an artist-entrepreneur or want to be? Acquire basic information about contract traps and pitfalls and how to avoid common contract mistakes when collaborating with other artists, licensing your work and negotiating with galleries.

February 19: Invasion of Privacy, Libel-By-Painting, Aesthetic Censorship & Fur, Feathers and Wildlife Issues. What happens when you use real-life people for your work? Can a single painting be defamatory? Hear the Scary True Story of the Tlingit Artist and the Flicker Feathers. This and more!

Roger Weatherburn Baker will offer artists tips from his lifetime of  art experience.

Roger Weatherburn Baker will offer artists tips from his lifetime of art experience.

On Feb. 26, Roger Weatherburn Baker wraps up the free artist workshop series, providing a unique opportunity for artist to have their portfolios critiqued and to have other pressing questions answered about getting their work noticed by more people. As a gallery owner, Baker wants to help artists understand more about how to go about moving their interest in art from a hobby to a business and from amateur to professional. He shares his perspective on creating art the public will buy and gaining greater credibility with buyers. In his workshops, artists will hear the pros and cons of the many different venues for showing their art and tips on presenting themselves and their work to those who will judge them or represent them.

Born in England, Baker spent much of his career working as a corporate communications executive with two multinational corporations, the IBM Corporation and the global conglomerate Fortune Brands, living and working in London, Paris and New York.

At one point in his corporate career, he was invited to manage the IBM Gallery of Science and Art in Manhattan, and served for several years on the board of the Silvermine School of Art and Artists’ Guild in New Canaan, Connecticut. These experiences were major contributors to the decision to open an art gallery in 1998. He was President of the Gallery Row Fine Art Dealers Association, a Founding Member and President of the Naples Fine Art Dealers Association and served as a member of the Executive Board of the United Arts Council of Collier County.

Today, he travels the world extensively as a professional communicator, photo-journalist, author and art collector.

If you go:
Bigger Audience = More Potential Buyers
Roger Weatherburn Baker
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013, 5:30 p.m.
The von Liebig Art Center
ART Connects explores the power of creativity and includes workshops for artists about the business side of their career. All lectures take place at The von Liebig Art Center. For this season’s line up information, click and look here.

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