Naples Art Association event explores art through science

Mural :”The Relationship between Man and Nature in Old Hawaii” J. Charlote.

Fixing, repairing and mending our treasured objects have a long tradition in the preservation of our cultural patrimony. In the twentieth century, the impact of World War II on our cities gave birth to a new profession called “scientific art conservation.” Like in the case of the Sistine Chapel or the United States Declaration of Independence, letter microscopes, spectrometers and x-ray machines are used on the restoration of art and other historical documents. Presenter Viviana Dominguez will take you around the globe, from Spain to Hawaii, to the fascinating world of rescuing art affected by wars, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Ms. Dominguez is a specialist in the conservation of paintings and murals in public places. She has worked in the field since 1983, preserving national monuments internationally. Ms. Dominguez has conserved private and museum collections. She is presently working for the Smithsonian Institute as the lead paintings conservator on the SI Haiti Cultural Recovery Center where she participated on the rescuing of many works of art and documents. She is also an educator, and she created the first university level conservation program in Buenos Aries, Argentina. She has recently returned to Lima (Peru), where she taught a conservation seminar sponsored by the J.Paul Getty Conservation Institute.

If you go:

Exploring Art Through Science
Viviana Dominguez

Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013, 5:30 p.m.   

The von Liebig Art Center, 585 Park St., Naples


Click here to Register Online.

Cost: $10 for members, $15 for nonmembers

If you purchased a Lecture Series ticket earlier this year, the cost of this event was included in that. 

artconnectslogoART Connects is a new program by the Naples Art Association that explores the power of creativity and includes workshops for artists about the business side of their career.

Art is everywhere. It’s a historian, a reporter, a therapist, an interpreter, an entertainer a designer. From lessons about culture before our time to seeing today’s world from other perspectives; from creative ideas and inspiration that move us, to expressing our own personality and feelings: The artistic spirit helps us connect. ART Connects explores how.

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