Naples Art Association features the art of Rebeca Calderón Pittman

Rebeca shows Vi at Bentley Village residents her work on view at the von Liebig Art Center. She had taught a workshop with them earlier in the day.

Rebeca Calderón Pittman shows Vi at Bentley Village residents her work on view at the von Liebig Art Center. She had taught a workshop with them earlier in the day.

As part of its exhibition La Casa: Latin American Art, the Naples Art Association presents Recombinant Drawings by Rebeca Calderón PittmanThe artist’s work from her Recombinant Drawings, a series she created from 2011-2012, captures the world around her in finely detailed drawings in ink on multiple layers of clear acetate and vellum. The drawings combine a highly focused observation of many different settings including the artist’s studio, buildings, and nature. Fragments of different scenes are layered together to create surprising impressions of the world and the artist’s inner life. Calderón Pittman’s complex drawings are personal and engaging, dreamlike and poetic.

Her 15 works are on view at the von Liebig Art Center through June 1, 2013. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Recombinant Drawings takes its title from the process of genetic engineering used to create an organism that combines DNA from different origins. In her drawings, Calderón Pittman takes images from disparate sources to create a new vision of reality. According to the artist, “The drawings present paradoxical situations, such as when we are in one setting, yet our minds are focused on another time and place. The work inquires into the ongoing presence of memory… and a familiar yet elusive world that belongs neither to the conscious nor the unconscious mind.”

Calderón Pittman’s selection of works for the exhibition shows the range of visual and emotive approaches that she employs in the Recombinant Drawings. For example:

Rebeca Pittman - Embracing Change

Embracing Change, with its open window flanked by a heavy curtain, an ornamental grill, and the artist’s painting in the distance, reads as an homage to Matisse, one of the artists that Calderón Pittman has cited as especially important to her.

Even more examples of Calderón Pittman’s work as well as other artists in the exhibition can be seen at this link.

Rebeca Calderón Pittman studied fine art at Anderson University, based in Cincinnati. She was born and raised in Guatemala where her parents were missionaries. Calderón Pittman sees her calling as an artist in the same light as her parents’ spiritual commitment.

Rebeca Calderón Pittman teaching a workshop for Vi at Bentley Village residents.

Rebeca Calderón Pittman teaching a workshop for Vi at Bentley Village residents.

Calderón Pittman has exhibited her work extensively in Guatemala, France, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the United States. Her solo exhibitions include the Pendleton Art Gallery, Newport, KY; The Bridge (sponsored by the Cincinnati Art Museum), Mason, OH; and Banco de Guatemala Art Gallery. Her group exhibitions include Pop Revolution Gallery, Cincinnati; CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM; “Expo1” Japan, Tokyo; and “Mujeres por El Arte”, organized by the O.A.S, Washington, D.C., which traveled to The University of California, Santa Cruz and the Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala. The artist’s work is in many public and corporate collections including The Cincinnati ART Museum, Anderson University,  PNC Bank, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Banco G&T, BANCO DE GUATEMALA and Ingenio El Pilar.

The Naples Art Association presents La Casa: Latin American Art, an exhibition, celebrating the home and highlighting drawings, fiber work, mixed media, paintings, prints, repousse, retablos and sculpture by twenty-two artists from Latin America, including five Naples artists.The La Casa exhibition will be on view from April 27th through June 1st,  at the von Liebig Art Center in Downtown Naples, just one block south of Fifth Avenue South.

The Art Center is located at 585 Park Street, Naples, FL, 34102 and the hours are Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and admission is free. Please call 239-262-6517 if  you have any questions.

Review more of Rebeca Calderón Pittman’s work on the Naples Art Association website.


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