Naples Art Association: name, history, legacy

Naples Art Association logo

Many Naples residents and guests best know the Naples Art Association by its art programming that takes place at The von Liebig Art Center, built in 1999. But did you know the organization was founded more than four decades before it had its current building?

The Naples Art Association began in 1954 when founders E. George Rogers, Elsie Upham, and Grace Lake got together. They decided to form a nonprofit organization with local artists who lived in Naples and to enhance the quality of life in the growing small town. Over the years, the Naples Art Association has been entrenched in the development of Collier County and provision of art education. Artists who were with the organization in the earlier years recall exhibiting work at the Beach Club and the Naples Depot, among other locations. The Naples Art Association has grown in membership numbers and in services it offers since it opened the new building just off Fifth Avenue South 15 years ago.

In the organization’s newest marketing visuals, its name “Naples Art Association” features most prominently. In a cool-toned color palette and with soft curves, it sincerely expresses an organization that is woven into the fabric of the coastal community, committed to educating and promoting the value of the arts and to doing its part to energize economic development in Naples. The Naples Art Association continues to operate The von Liebig Art Center, hosting a variety of programs there each year, with a full schedule planned for its 60th Anniversary season.

The organization hopes this year that more people will begin to recognize the Naples Art Association for its commitment to the community and the art opportunities it provides – both at the art center and throughout the region – with exhibitions, professional development, educational classes, Art in the Park,  festivals and more. 

Do you have a story about how the Naples Art Association made a difference in your life? We’d love to hear your story.

Get involved today and help celebrate 60 years of creative impact through the visual arts.

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