Naples Art Association student, now teacher, follows his dreams

John Treanor - thrid from left - and with his family after winning the 2011 Jade Riedel Scholarship.

John Treanor, third from left, with his family after winning the 2011 Jade Riedel Scholarship.

John Treanor is a quiet, respectful student, building his own artistic niche through new technologies available today. He was a 2011 recipient of a $5,000 Jade Riedel Scholarship through the Naples Art Association. Today, NAA leaders are proud to call him a summertime colleague.

Treanor, 20, is a second-year Computer Animation Student at Ringling College of Art and Design.  He slowed down long enough to share some holiday time with his family and catch up with the Naples Art Association on what he’s been up to. He has memories of children’s programming at The von Liebig Art Center that go back longer than most staff members. Those memories have helped shape his coming of age into his own life as an artist.

NAA: What is your favorite memory of ARTScool at the von Liebig Art Center?

JT: I always have a new favorite memory whenever I come to the von Liebig Art Center, but one that sticks out with me will always be when I was about 12, and I started learning how to paint with acrylics in Ms. Hagman’s (now Mrs. Marti Koehler) class (This was actually a fall class back then and was called ARTSMART instead of ARTScool.) That was when I really felt like an artist. I had all my paints out and easel up my painted clothes and canvas all I needed was a beret, and I could have called myself Van Gogh without the beard.

NAA: How many summers did you participate?

JT: Ever since Kindergarten, 1998-99, I’ve been going to the von Liebig Art Center and until my freshman year of high school when I became an intern. Then as a freshman in college, I was the head intern and part-time Photoshop teacher at ARTScool.  This year I plan to be the Photoshop teacher full time. This will be my 15th year with the Naples Art Association.

NAA: What inspired you and encouraged you pursue art?

JT: Jan Krasowski, as my kindergarten teacher at Naples Park Elementary (She still teaches there and for Naples Art Association children’s classes.), was the first one to tell me about the art program at the von Liebig Art Center. She was one of the catalysts to get me on track with becoming an artist. My parents and grandmother were always very supportive and helpful with scholarships and leading me to computer animation, which is just another medium for artists. I have always wanted to be an artist ever since I drew a picture of my cat when I was four and a half.

John designed the mural on his computer before painting it onto the home.

John designed an original mural on his computer before painting it onto a long outside wall of a Naples home.

NAA: Talk about your most recent art project.

JT: Well, my mom works at North Naples Middle School, and her friend Mrs. Woods wanted to have a mural painted in her back yard.  My mom gave them my number and email, and we started talking about how it should look. I did a lot of sketches and sent emails to him, and we talked about what needed to be done and the supplies that needed to be bought for the project. We confirmed the final design on an image made in Photoshop where I was able to measure out the dimensions of the wall and draw out a picture of the scene. Once we both were on the same page for what we wanted, I started painting and kept checking in to see if they liked what they saw until it was finished.

mural by John Treanor, ARTScool instructor and former student and scholarship winner. ARTScool registration began in January..

Mural by John Treanor, ARTScool instructor and former student and scholarship winner. ARTScool 2013 registration began in January.

John Treanor has made his first marks on the art world, but he is just getting started. Many students get their start in similar ways, by staying connected to their love of art that is nurtured from a young age. If you have a budding artist (or a van Gogh, minus the beard!) in your household that just can’t wait to start painting on big walls, check out the Naples Art Association’s summer ARTScool offerings for 2013. Open to students aged 5 to 14, there are a variety of class types, and plenty of creative outlets to go around.

Naples Art Association Young Art Students’ Work Adorns City Hall

ARTScool Student shows her homemade paper book

Paper making was one of the classes offered during 2012 ARTScool. This student made one sheet that included seeds that would grow when she planted the paper.

Every summer, hundreds of students buzz with excitement in The von Liebig Art Center classrooms. They’re learning more about their favorite types of art and discovering new favorites. To top it all off, a selection of their best work will be put on display for the community to see at the end of the summer.

Nothing is more brilliant than first seeing a child discover an artistic talent. With more than 800 enrollments this summer, there were many inspirational moments!

The most charming exhibition in Naples

Come see the 54 pieces of artwork by 48 talented young artists!On view at Naples City Hall  Sept. 7, 2012 through Jan. 22, 2013.

Young student with his diorama

This young man browsed every classroom at the ARTScool reception with his family in tow. Posing with his diorama, he said he had a great time this summer!

An exhibition of new work by students ages 6 to 14 is on view at Naples City Hall. The exhibition is installed on the ground floor and second level and features two-dimensional work and sculpture by 48 students who attended the Naples Art Association‘s 14th Annual ARTScool Summer Arts Program. The full-day and half-day program offered theme and media based classes held in The von Liebig Art Center from June 11 through Aug. 10, 2012. Children this summer also helped create the world’s longest clay chain.

Young student with her proud brother and her artwork destined for city hall

This young student is excited that one of her pieces was chosen for display at Naples City Hall. During a reception in August for parents and students, she posed for this snapshot.

Naples City Hall is located across Cambier Park from The von Liebig Art Center at 735 8th Street South. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays.

The 2012 ARTScool Summer Arts Program is generously sponsored by IBERIABANK with T-Shirts sponsored by Rehmann