Art is intuitive. Art is alive. Art matters.

Consider for a moment your first artistic experience. Maybe a fresh box of crayons? Can you remember the smell and the shiny, pointed perfection of each crayon? The crispness of the cardboard box. Oh the pictures you would create! Whether it is a passion you have fostered into adulthood or whether it was simply an outlet for you as a child – artistic expression is an intuitive human experience. Even prehistoric man sought ways to share thoughts beyond what words could do. Art transcends language barriers. Art feeds the soul. For these reasons and more, we believe art matters.

Our blog will share with you a constant stream of reasons to believe along with us.

The Naples Art Association is a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a vision for engaging viewers, nurturing creative development and promoting appreciation for the visual arts. We serve individual artists of all ages and skill levels along their creative journeys.

Join us and take time to appreciate art, discover your own inner artist and support creative professionals.

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    • Hi Laura,
      Joining is easy! Just visit our website, where you can learn more and sign up. Members get many exclusive opportunities to show work with us as well as receive discounts on our classes and other programs. Most importantly though, members are supporting the Naples Art Association’s impact on the arts and artists in our community. Our members hail from all over the country. We’d love to have you! Here’s the link: http://naplesart.org/content/become-member
      NAA PR & Marketing Director

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